We believe that everyone should be treated equally, be happy, and have access to a good education. At Sands, no-one has more power than anyone else, the teachers and students are equal and there is no headteacher. We try to get rid of all the petty rules, making room for everyone to be happy and free to express themselves in whatever way they feel. The school is democratic, with everyone having their say and equal vote in the weekly School Meeting to which everyone may attend.

Our Aims are

    • To create a socially democratic environment that encourages in children and staff a sense of responsibility and mutual respect.
    • To allow children as much control as possible over their own education commensurate with their age, skills and interests.
    • To create an environment in which children grow to be self-aware, confident adults.
    • To create an environment where learning is relevant and fun.


We will achieve these aims by respecting and following the following Principles:

  • The value of the student voice in the management of school life.
  • The value of social equality between students and staff.
  • The right to choose what to study.
  • The right to challenge the relevance of what you are studying.
  • The ability to go at your own pace and not be compared with others.
  • The use of common sense to ensure that the school runs safely and smoothly, thus avoiding the need for petty rules.
  • The right to a rich and attractive educational environment.
  • Shared responsibility for the upkeep of that environment.
  • Equal esteem for all school activities.