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School Uniform – a dialogue with parents

The latest in Sean’s series of articles about education is on school uniform. Does having a compulsory uniform policy free our children and teenagers from the tyranny of the media/fashion/consumption hegemony? Or it more a case of reducing our children to mannequins projecting a school’s ‘corporate image’?  To read more, visit the Dialogue with Parents […]

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New Amnesty Youth Group at Sands

Respect is central to our ethos here at Sands; as a school, as a community and as individuals.  We feel that having an awareness of world issues is important as it helps us to grow as compassionate people and enables us to work together to make a difference. Amnesty International is a “group of ordinary […]

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EQ vs. IQ

Sean’s second article in the Dialogue with parents series is about the importance of developing emotional literacy and how this can be supported in school. Whilst it cannot be taught in the conventional sense, Sean argues that we should recognise the importance of emotional literacy and help to create the conditions for it’s expression and […]

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