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Jasper Solomou BSc (Hons) Analytical Chemistry

Science lab technician and science support

JasperI am an ex-student of Sands, having done my entire secondary education at the school. That was eight years ago, and now after going through college and university – where I received a BSc with Honours in Analytical Chemistry – I find myself back at my old school. Previously I worked for both the government and for private businesses as a professional chemist, but after spending far too long unemployed, I decided I would try my hand at volunteering. I sent an e-mail to Sands in the off-chance they required my somewhat specialised help, and ended up as the Senior science technician (my seniority is due to me being the ONLY science technician). At the time of writing this, I will now have been back and working at Sands for a year, and no longer a volunteer. Every week I run a class in Advanced Chemistry as part of the school’s new Master Class program. It is open to anyone of any age or ability, where I cover various aspects of chemistry not normally covered by the scientific syllabus. These classes usually involve a fun practical experiment followed by an explanation of the theory behind what happened in the experiment.
Oh, and I also like Heavy Metal. Like, a lot.