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Prospective Parents and Students: When to visit?

As a very small school with cohorts of only 12 to 15 we do not have the usual ‘open day’ approach to recruiting new students en masse. Instead we are able to be completely flexible about when prospective parents and students can visit the school. We are also very flexible about when new students can start.

So if you are interested in an education at Sands you can come at any time to suit you. Mornings tend to be better because that is when more of the core teaching takes place. Visits start with a tour in which a couple of students will show you around and chat with you about how Sands works. Then there will be the opportunity to talk to teachers in more depth about our approach to education and how it might work with the particular interests, background and needs of the prospective student. You may also want to talk to Peta, the school bursar about fees.

All you need to do is phone (01364 653666) or email Clare and Angie and they will make an appointment for you.

Other visitors

As one of only a handful of alternatives to mainstream education in the UK, Sands attracts a great deal of interest from professionals and trainees in the the field of education. We welcome this interest and see it as part of our wider role to engage with the discussion challenging the received wisdom about preparing young people for their adult lives. If you want to come and see the school you would be very welcome, please just email to make an appointment. School is a busy environment and you’ll have to take us as you find us but we will try to take some time to talk with you and answer your questions.

If you are interested in spending a longer period of time at Sands please email Donald with a summary of your proposal and what you would be hoping to achieve during your stay. We do get quite a number of these sort of requests so we cannot say yes to everyone and we do try to organise longer visits at least one term in advance.