There is no staff room at Sands School – this, added to the general ethos of the school, encourages a very close relationship between staff and students. This applies to everyone who works at Sands; both teaching and non-teaching staff.

The staff at Sands come from a variety of professional backgrounds giving them a balanced and interesting set of skills and experiences.  All the teaching staff are fully qualified to teach their subjects and were employed by the students for their teaching ability and social compatibility with the ethos of the school.  All staff are free of strict teaching guidelines and so can provide an exciting and diverse education.

Andy Corry IT Teacher BA, PGCE
Angie Watson Secretary
Natalie Torr Languages Teacher BA Hons, PGCE
Ceri Baker Special Needs Tutor BA Hons, SpLD APC
Clare Tyler Art technician and art support
David Jarvis Learning and Sport Assistant
Donald Barr School admininistration BA
Huw Morgan Science teacher BSc ExeHons, PGCE
Irwin Smith Maintenance
Jasper Solomou Lab technician / science support BSc
Jenny Dooley English, General Studies BA, PGCE
Jo Feloy Special Needs Tutor SpLD (Dyslexia)
Joe Webster Art Teacher BA, PGCE
Kate Day School counsellor BA Phil, Cert Coun, AD Coun, PG analysis, MBACP
Katie Mackay Drama teacher BA, PGCE
Liam Tanser Caretaker and maintenance
Martin Roberts English and Music Teacher and SenCo BA, PGCE
Nathan Gribble Maths Teacher and Safeguarding Officer BSc, PGCE
Paul Petrie-Ritchie Woodwork teacher
Peta Cox School coordinator and Bursar
Sean Bellamy Administrator and Humanities Teacher BA Cantab, PGCE
Susan Widlake Learning Support Assistant BSc, PGCE



More information about each member of staff and, for teachers, their subjects can be found by following the links from the Staff heading drop-down menu.

In addition to the permanent staff listed above details of any temporary or short term staff can be found on the school website.

Staff Appraisals

Every couple of years Sands students are asked to complete a detailed survey gathering their views about each member of staff. This provides really valuable information about how well we are meeting their educational and social needs and helps to identify any areas that the students think could be improved. These are the forms we used in 2012.

Part one of the staff appraisal form (about learning) – CLICK HERE

Part two of the staff appraisal form (about personality of teachers) – CLICK HERE

Part three of the staff appraisal form (about personality of non-teachers – CLICK HERE