Modern Languages teacher


I decided to become a teacher aged 11, before that, I wanted to be a farmer – now I am both, combining teaching languages at Sands with working in a market garden where we produce around 70 boxes of organic veg per week. We use horses to do most of the soil cultivation and weeding, this is my specialty and I enjoy the calm, collaborative working atmosphere a lot – as well as being outside!

I always try to encourage students at Sands to join me in the small vegetable garden at school and learn the art of producing food and other life skills. I am passionate about inspiring a love for nature in young people and before I joined Sands I worked in various school gardens and on a project called “growing our future”, bringing students out into the garden and producing food for the school canteen.

I originally trained as a primary school teacher in Germany, much of my training happened in an alternative school called the “Laborschule” and all of it was very progressive, encompassing many ideas (including democracy!) from inspiring pedagogues, which made Sands the obvious choice for me!

I currently teach French, Spanish and German to GCSE level, following the AQA Modern Foreign Languses syllabus, doing my best to enable students to use a foreign language flexibly and independently.

In my experience, this is a great asset worth working for, broadening horizons and opening up many possibilities, from real conversations with local people during gap year travel to work in unexpected places to cultural exchange and understanding of others…