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Nathan Gribble (BSc, PGCE)

Maths,  Safeguarding Lead (Child Protection Officer)


NathanI was a student at Dartington Hall, a school with some similarities to Sands. I have degrees in Philosophy, Mathematics and Logic, and in Education, from the Universities of Sussex and Bangor, respectively. Between university and going into teaching, I had a number of jobs, including test driving motor bikes and running an adventure games company. I have traveled widely, mountain climbing in Europe and the US and working as a gaucho on a South American cattle ranch. I taught briefly in the state sector, but didn’t enjoy having to dominate children. When a job came up at Sands, I jumped at it. Here I can teach and enjoy being with young people, rather than being a crowd controller. I am an obsessive rock climber, a role-playing games enthusiast and a practitioner of various martial arts, all of which I encourage in school. My other passion is my family: both my daughters, Jessica and Kate, attended the school.



‘He’s a chaos master’. – Matt L
‘Too much patience’. – Matt B
‘His handwriting is terrible’. – Amelia