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Steve Hoare (Cert. Ed.)

Art, Pottery & Photography

Working at Sands is something of a homecoming for me. I studied at Corsham (Bath Academy of Arts) specializing in painting and print-making. I qualified as a secondary school teacher but went to work in further and higher education. For 12 years I was a house parent and ran craft workshops at Dartington Hall school. More recently I have worked with younger children, including those with special needs, as a freelance photographer, designing and building play equipment and making furniture for the physically handicapped. Now at Sands I am back doing what I was trained to do and love it. Working with small groups with a wide range of mediums and approaches means art making here can be really exciting.

‘He’s sort of like me and does lots of cool stuff.’ – Lucas
‘An encyclopedia of endless knowledge.’ – Tom C
‘He’s the wizard of Sands. He’s magic. He’s cool.’ – Corrina