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Ethos and Aims

At Sands we promote social equality – we work on the principal that every member of the community, regardless of age, status or experience, should have an equal say in the way our school is run. That is why we have no head teacher, or senior management team: all of our decisions are made by the School Meeting, which meets at least once a week, and to which every member of the school is invited to contribute ideas and opinions on a ‘one voice; one vote’ basis.

All of our rules are set by the School Meeting – we try to base them on common sense guidelines, according to the wishes of the majority. This allows for lots of discussion and debate, which is really the most important way of formulating opinions on an issue: it is much easier to choose to abide by a rule if you understand why it exists in the first place.

Sands is a small school which operates more as a community than a corporation. We aim to create a strong sense of unity in a place where everybody feels they belong.

Our Aims are;

  • To increase children’s personal engagement and investment in their learning, and to give them as much control as possible over their education, with strong support from experienced adults
  • To motivate children to make decisions, and to consider the consequences of the choices they make
  • To teach children respect for themselves, for each other and for their environment

We will achieve these aims by respecting and following the following Principles;

  • The right to choose what to study and to challenge the relevance of what you are studying
  • The ability to go at your own pace and not be compared with others
  • Equal esteem for all school activities