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Most years, we join a friendly school from the continent to share a week on the mountain slopes of Austria.  We have ties with schools in Germany and Austria, who are really welcoming to us joining them.

As German is not currently taught at Sands, it’s a good chance to practice if you’ve learned it before, or get a grip of the basics if you haven’t.  Of course, skiing and snowboarding, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, is very physically and mentally challenging.

Most young people, and even adults, will never have done so much exercise in one day, let alone for a whole week.  Also, you’re away from home, with lots of unfamiliar, though friendly people around.  It’s a relentless week, but what huge rewards can be reaped!  If you can come away able to ski/snowboard in Austria you can can do it anywhere in the world.  You will know what it feels like to really push yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  You’ll be able to tackle any challenge with greater skill and resilience.

Sometimes we fly there, sometimes we drive.  Sometimes 14 people go, sometimes 4.  This is not a trip bought out of a catalogue.  It’s completely bespoke.  While the students who go are not chosen, the way the trip is arranged is, for the particular students who want to go.  Arrangements are made to play to the strengths and weaknesses of the group so that everyone gets the chance to shine and grow.  For many, it’s one of those life changing experiences.