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Bridget Dare, BA, PGCE

French and Spanish teacher

Progressive and alternative education is very much in my blood and I have made a bee-line for Sands as one of the remaining schools in the UK to be waving this flag.  I am a firm believer in the democratic process and our students’ voices are real and heard.  As I was growing up, my mother, a teacher herself, was adamant that schools should provide a genuinely caring and constructive environment in which young people could make and learn from mistakes and in which teachers could bring their passion into the classroom.  She never subscribed to the “us and them” hierarchy prevalent in other schools and she instilled in me a deep curiosity about the world.  When our local school did not provide what she knew to be the essential elements of deep learning and care, she started up her own school. I did my degree in European Languages and Economics and after working in France for three years, I decided to return to the UK and do a PGCE.  I have spent many years teaching in the state system and I have raised three lovely children with my husband. I have kept my eye on Sands since I came to Devon twenty years ago and when this job came up I knew I was ready and that I had the experience, confidence and temperament to make it work. I offer language acquisition classes in both French and Spanish in which I use lots of repetition in listening and then speaking so students have the experience of taking on the language without having to try too hard. I also offer GCSE courses in French and Spanish and can help students to get the most out of these qualifications.