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Ceri Baker

Ceri Baker

Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

I am a Dyslexia specialist and qualified assessor (SpLD APC). I have been working at Sands school for five years. I provide 1:1 tuition and assess students who demonstrate Dyslexic type learning profiles (by private arrangement). I also conduct the examinations access arrangements assessments for any students who have been flagged up through the schools screening program.

I teach on a 1:1 basis at Sands and create structured, cumulative and multi-sensory teaching programs, tailored to each students specific requirements.

Sands school is a unique learning environment for all students and for the Dyslexic learner it is even more so. Here, all students have the space, time and support to identify how best they learn and what motivates them to become independent learners. Students can ask for and be given guidance to learn through their STRENGTHS and build on any areas of difficulty.

When it is relevant and certainly as students move up through the school, I try and support them in completing school work, revising and over learning specific areas  in preparation for exams.

If you would like to chat about your son’s / daughter’s needs, or ask any questions, please make an enquiry through the school and they will give you my contact details.