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Choosing what to learn

Sands has timetabled lessons like most schools in the country. Before choosing a subject, students are encouraged to sit with their academic tutors to find out about the course. When a student commits to a subject, they are then expected to attend all of its lessons. If a student chooses not to study a subject, leaving them with a gap in their personal timetable, they are encouraged to find a constructive activity to fill that time. This may mean using that time for extra art, science, math, or helping to cook the school lunches

Some students choose to study all the subjects on offer to their group, while others choose to concentrate heavily on the few that they are really inspired by. Lessons take many forms, from classic ‘chalk and talk’, to self-teaching with the guidance of a subject teacher. Ultimately, Sands realises that students learn differently, and is able to be highly flexible so that the needs of the student are best met.

A full description of the Sands Curriculum can be downloaded here.