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With Sean

At Sands we feel that real life practical skills should sit alongside academics in the curriculum. Two days a week students are taught how to plan, buy and cook a 2 course vegetarian whole food meal for the rest of the school. Occasionally we run a more challenging evening Bistro for parents and friends of the school.
There can’t be anything more useful than learning to cook. In a world obsessed by T.V. chefs and ‘school dinners’ we find that fewer and fewer people know how to cook a meal from raw ingredients. Processed and chilled and ready-made fill the shelves of supermarkets and children know where chips and milk come from.
For 20 years we have cooked lunch for students and staff at Sands. Now I teach 2 classes a week to prepare and cook lunch for about 40 people. We deliver our meal to a truly discerning and hungry audience after the 2 hours of heat in our newly refurbished kitchen.
This is not ‘domestic science’ with scones and flapjacks delivered home in Tupperware but the equivalent of running a little Bistro twice a week. Salads are demanded, home-made bread and pizza are regular meals as well as vegetarian crumbles, fajitas, chillies, homity pie etc. We also do traditional puddings and custard because cold days need hot puddings!
At the end of some terms we run an evening Bistro for parents and friends of the school. We offer 3 courses, coffee and chocolates for £15 a head.
A Greek themed Bistro last year raised money for a conservation trip out to a Greek Island to help with Turtle Protection and Conservation.
It’s a bit of teaching that we find hugely rewarding. Knowing that children are learning invaluable skills, and sending wonderful homely smells throughout the school that enhance the family atmosphere that we have tried to create here.

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