During the pandemic we will endeavour to balance the educational and pastoral needs of our students with the health and safety of our whole community: students, staff and their families and the community of the local area. To this end we have created a Risk Assessment which sets out all of the control measures that we are putting in place. We will at all times follow the current guidance for schools from the Department for Education and Public Health England. The risk assessment is a live document which will continue to evolve and everyone in the community is encouraged to share their knowledge and experience to maintain and improve our management of these challenges.

Current Coronavirus RIsk Assessment

A key aspect of reducing the risk of infection spreading is the reporting and management of illiness. The first step is that anyone with symptoms should isolate and get tested. The second step is that school needs to be informed immediately if any student or member of staff receives a postive test result. Please see the linked documents for more details.

You can read the Department for Education’s guidance for parents here.

Remote Education Provision

We may have to provide education remotely for all students when there is a national or regional lockdown requiring schools to close or if there is a confirmed positive case in the school necesitating a precautionary closure of our school. In these cases will endeavour to provide face-to-face education to vulnerable students and the children of critiacal workers as required under the terms of the closure. Remote education will also be provided to individual students unable to attend because they are having to self-isolate. Detail of the remote education offered can be found here.

Asymptomatic testing

The Department for Education and Public Health England are providing secondary schools with the resources to screen staff and students for asymtomatic COVID-19 cases using Lateral Flow Tests. These tests are self-administered by taking a swab of both nostrils. The start of term testing is suppervised by school staff who have undertaken DfE training. The tests are voluntary and  requires registration and consent forms to be completed by / on behalf of those who wish to take part.

Home testing: staff and students who have done supervised tests in school are encouraged to maintain a twice weekly testing regime at home. Additional teast kits are available on demand and reminder emails will be sent.

Test results should be reported to school via this webpage

As well as conducting the tests the school needs to process some data relating to them. This lies outside our normal Data Privacy Statement so the supplementary Statement below sets out how the data relating to the testing will be used and the lawful basic for processing it.

Privacy Statement – Covid Testing in School

Data Processing COVID testing FAQs