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Ellie Guy, Art Technician

Ellie Guy, BA Hons

Art Technician

I, like Jasper, attended Sands School, although many years have passed since I left in 1991. I have returned to one of the most important places that helped to give me the strong foundations and confidence to explore life with a natural curiosity. Having struggled with the local state school Sands gave me the protection and trust I needed to explore what I was capable of, despite having Dyslexia.

I returned to Sands as a parent and, after mucking in and providing a multitude of practical support, I am currently employed as the senior (and only) art technician, which I love. Every day is different: sewing projects, processing clay, stretching paper, framing work, making paper and lots of enthusiastic support. I love hearing students’ plans and sourcing materials that would be suitable for individual projects.

I not only have a BA Hons, but am also a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer. I have a ‘get-on-with-it’ attitude but also take great pleasure in supporting where I’m invited. As a child my father (a woodwork teacher) gifted me tools for birthdays and Christmas – it was inevitable that I would feel at home with a box of spanners. As a female tradesperson I believe that we all should have support to access all possible interests and career opportunities.

I have worked in many environments and bring a variety of practical common-sense skills. Among some of my previous jobs I have been a stage manager, art installation builder and designer, Special Needs support worker, plumber, canvas structure maker, secretary, gas engineer, chainsaw operator, telescopic forklift driver, outdoor events manager and many more, less glamorous occupations.