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Exams policies and administration

Internal assessment appeals and Enquiries about Results (EaRs)

In all forms of student accreditation it is extremely important that candidates have every opportunity to do their best. They should not be unfairly disadvantaged (or advantaged) in any way.

The school has internal procedures in place if a candidate feels that they have not been treated fairly in the administration or marking of any coursework components.

In the event of a final exam result being significantly below expectations the candidate may wish to have access to their scripts to see where they need to improve. A candidate also has the right to apply to the awarding body, through the school, for a review of their result if they consider the grade to be too low. This can take the form of a clerical check or a full re‐mark of an examination paper or papers. In either case it is important to talk to the subject teacher or the exams officer (Donald) as soon as possible as there are short deadlines that we have to comply with.

The majority of our exams are GCSEs with the exam board AQA. These are governed by the requirements of the Joint COuncil for Qualifications (the JCQ). Other exams such as IGCSEs and BTEC have their own procedures which may differ from the JCQ requirements.

Internal assessments appeals

Enquiries about Results (EaRs)

Access to Scripts – Candidate consent form

Enquiries about Results – Candidate consent form


Exams Administration

Exam Contingency Plan

Exam Evacuation Procedure

Planning and Managing Controlled Assessments