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Extra learning support

Special educational needs are addressed by all the staff in the school.  As we have small classes and a very student-centred approach to each student, there is no clear distinction between students with special needs who get extra support and everyone else; there is a gradual transition. Likewise, in different subjects and on different days students will need varying amounts of extra support and, as far as possible, the staff try to provide that support both in and out of class

The SEN team.

Overall responsibility for Special Educational Needs in the school is down to the SEN Team who are Ceri (SENCo) and Martin. Susan, Jarvis and Clare provide in-class, small group and 1:1 learning support.

Types of extra provision.

 In general the provision from within the regular school budget is a balance level of need and the resources available. Where possible special needs will be met through:

i)                Extra attention in class from the normal class teachers. This is made possible by our small classes.

ii)               Extra support outside class. This is not formal extra lessons, but most teachers make time for certain students when they are having difficulty.

iii)              Having a classroom assistant in class.

iv)              Having extra lessons in very small groups or one to one sessions with Jo, Susan or Jarvis.

v)               Having a flexible timetable, tailored to work around difficulties in accessing the normal subject provision.

Students with emotional problems, which can present as barriers to learning, also have access to the school’s counselor, Kate.

For more information on how we approach special educational needs you can read the SEN policy but if you want to discuss the potential needs of a particular current or prospective student it’s best to arrange a call with Ceri.