Food at Sands

We are what we eat. At Sands, we place great importance on the food we eat. The vegetarian school lunches are prepared fresh onsite in the school kitchen, and are made with as many local, free-range, organic ingredients as possible. Some ingredients come from our vegetable garden. Examples would be lasagne, jacket potatoes, macaroni cheese, stir fry, curry and soups, usually complemented with garlic bread, salad, grated carrot and similar sorts of side dishes. Of course we take into account allergies and intolerances. Some days there are also deserts such as carrot cake or yoghurt and granola.

Not only are the lunches fantastic and healthy, but students are encouraged to help make them. Whether they want to grate some cheese for a few minutes, or cook the whole meal for the 40 or so people that have lunch, it’s all a valuable part of a young persons education.

Some choose to bring in a packed lunch, or walk into town everyday to get something from local vendors. Though school lunches are vegetarian we don’t stop people eating meat, rather we ask them to be considerate of where it’s come from and be respectful of those who don’t eat it. We also encourage everyone to eat healthily, and avoid things like high-sugar energy drinks and heavily processed ‘junk food’.