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At Sands, History is about learning to think, to research, argue and be critically aware. We see it as a medium by which one learns to use facts to support ideas, learn how we are shaped by our past and that  themes and events reoccurring in the past are common to the human condition wherever and whenever one may  live. We offer a fascinating syllabus up to GCSE that includes the nature of historical enquiry, the study of a local historical site, the fate of the Native American Indians in the 19th century and the history and evolution of medicine from prehistoric to the modern era.

Geography is a popular subject at Sands. It is taught up to GCSE  in the same way as History. The surrounding area is used to good effect, given the locality of Dartmoor, the South Coast, numerous small tourist towns, and the caves at Pridhamsleigh.

The younger groups follow a Humanities programme that encourages to develop and design their own projects within a common theme or area of enquiry. Students are encouraged to develop research and literacy skills and any child who has their own interests in any area of Humanities is supported in following those up.