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Joe Webster, BA Hons, PGCE

I joined Sands to teach Art in September 2014. Most recently I was Head of Art at Sidmouth College where I led the department across GCSE and A-Level, achieving excellent results and creating murals, land Art and displays across the school. Prior to that I taught at St James School, Exeter and two international schools in Portugal. Both my parents were teachers and part of my primary education was spent at Monkton Wylde School, Axminster which gave me direct experience of education very similar to that within Sands.

Throughout, it has always been vital to me to keep creating, practicing and exhibiting professionally in collaboration with my teaching. Towards this end, I hold numerous solo and group shows each year. I am driven to paint and feel nourished through creating each new piece; furthermore working in this way enriches the experience and skills that I have to share with pupils. I love teaching Art at Sands because the facilities and flexibility of approach allows pupils to follow their instincts and passions; it feels far closer in style to working as ’artist in residence’ in a miniature Art School. Sands feels like a haven in the busy modern world which gives space for people to find themselves and their creative voice. Our students keep surprising me with their sheer enthusiasm, ability and insight and guiding pupils to lead their own learning is exciting, challenging and rewarding all at the same time! I have a website where you can see examples of my work.

Here is a video of students working in the Art rooms made by recent student Esmie.