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Kate Day

Qualifications & Experience

Fellow NCS, Snr Acc Reg, BA Hons, AD Dip Int Couns, PG Child andAdolescents, PG Group Analysis, Ad Dip Clinical Supervision

PSA Senior Registered: Kate Robillard Day

About Me

I am the School Counsellor at Sands School and I have been fortunate to have worked here since 2001. I love being here in a school that cares so much for young people. I appreciate every day of being part of an educational community that places the importance of a child’s emotional and mental health as a primary concern. I strongly support the view that a child’s experience of learning, their discovery of the world, alongside their own identity, is deeply rooted in a child’s state of well-being.

I offer counselling support to Children between 10 and 17 years old and support them through the differing stages of adolescence and life experiences. I am an integrative practitioner meeting the needs of the individual.

I am an experienced Lecturer and Child Therapist with a passion for working with children and young people that has spanned the last 20 years. My background is in Youth Services and the Education Sector and I am responsible for the provision and management of a numerous counselling services in Devon schools, both in the private and public sector. I have worked extensively with services and providers that facilitate both therapeutic and / or training structures for learning or support.

I have had an established therapeutic practice and a private clinic for Professional Supervision. I am a sworn Child Rights Campaigner and consult on training for various charities, organisations, professional bodies and Parliamentary groups. I am a director of my own training company that trains professionals who support children / young people and their families.