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Leslie Stroz

Leslie Stroz

BA Classics & Art;
MA Art Education, English minor

Subjects at Sands: English Language, Art
Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” My favourite part about teaching at Sands is that, above all, it is a celebration of the examination of life, where wisdom is gained in a variety of different ways: structured classes, personal freedom, creative time with friends, tea whenever you want it, weekly school meetings, and space to grow as individuals. I have never worked in an environment as collectively nurturing and supportive as Sands. It is a pleasure and an honour to walk through the front gates of our spectacular, sprawling, shabby-chic, manor house each day and be a part of this exciting menagerie.

Before moving to England in 2014, I taught in the US. My first job was teaching English, where I discovered that students learned best through a combination of skills-based, arts-and-media-integrated projects. This passion led to a Visiting Assistant Professorship at a university in New York, where I taught future teachers how to do this. Later, I taught drawing and painting at the State University of New York in Geneseo. At Sands, I am able to combine all of these experiences.

A typical day in my classroom will find students playing grammar games, creating art projects while I read literature to them, discussing novels, writing stories they’ve carefully developed from the ground up, researching and writing about things that are important to them, and meeting with me individually to learn how to improve their writing skills. On Thursday and Friday afternoons I offer advanced art classes in drawing and painting to GCSE students (including life drawing and portraiture).

When I’m not at Sands, I enjoy reading, plein-air painting, playing piano and guitar, doing yoga, walking my dog on the moors, and spending time with my lovely family.

Here’s a portrait I drew of my daughter, Ella. She is older now, and a happy Sands student!




This is one of my urban sketches.