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Local trips

We are most fortunate to be just minutes drive from both the wilds of Dartmoor, and the beaches of South Devon.  In Winter it is great to be able to wrap up warm and go up onto Dartmoor to play in the snow.  When this happens, most of the school will go up for a few hours of fun.  Summer trips to Dartmoor might be for capture the flag games, walking and camping, climbing on the Tors and looking at nature.

In the Summer, especially after the GCSE exams are over, there are lots of trips to local beaches for swimming and charging around.  From time to time we’ve also taken part in organised ‘beach cleans’ to get rid of rubbish that’s been left or washed up.  Similarly, we often go up to the Dart river to swim, paint, and read and write poetry.

Of course, there are lots of other places too, such museums, theatres, woods, farms, climbing walls and so on.