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Performance Arts (Music)

With Martin and Katie

Most young people enjoy having music in their lives. At Sands, they have the opportunity to express their musical passions, from playing flute to being a DJ. There is a large music room with various musical instruments, and it’s open for all to come and try something new, or practice ‘til their hearts content. If a student has a specific interest, we employ a musician to come into school to work with them on that interest. From time to time, we hold concerts featuring the students and their music. Some students choose to perform stand-up comedy, some sing, even some of the staff can play a note or two!

We are now in the process of launching a new BTEC course in performing arts, with particular emphasis on music and drama. The BTEC is a fantastic vocational course which mixes theory and practise. It is designed to teach students about the world of performance arts by allowing them to focus on their particular areas of interest, whilst also encouraging them to broaden their knowledge and experience.