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Sands students recently had the opportunity to perform an abridged version of ‘Macbeth’ as part of the national Shakespeare Schools Festival. The group participated in a workshop with members of the SSF and performed at The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth on Monday 13 October.

Festival co-ordinator Francesca Ellis was impressed with the students performance and professionalism stating: “I have heard nothing but excellent things about your students and the whole evening…As you know, we aim to give schools a professional experience, and I hear that your cast rose to this impressively. From their behaviour behind the scenes to their commitment, focus and talent onstage, they proved their ability to perform in a professional venue. I hope they will never forget how it felt to hear an audience applaud their achievement.”

It was a great experience for all involved, the students worked hard to create a memorable piece. The cast worked well as an ensemble. Special thanks must go to Seren who made some beautifully fantastic costumes for the production.


Hopefully this achievement has inspired confidence in those cast members involved for future performances.




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Cast list

Witches LaurenMarika KMiaInesEdieEmily




Duncan King of Scotland Krishna
Malcolm Finn B
Macbeth Will
Banquo Piers
Macduff Cameron
Lennox Manu
Ross Emily
Angus Megan
Mentieth Megan
Fleance Lily
SetonMessengerSoldier Seamus
1st Murderer Jake S
2nd Murderer Stefan
Lady Macbeth Mari T-C


Technical Rohan
Costume Seren
Make-up Seren & Gisele