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School Camp 2010

It’s time to dig out the camping equipment again!


The Plan


Tuesday 29th June – All camping equipment must be at school by midday so that we can take it to the campsite where it’ll be looked after by Huw and Joss until we arrive the next day.


Wednesday 30th June – We’ll set off from school at 9.30AM by bus and car.  Any parents wishing to drive their children are welcome to, but please confirm with us in advance so that we can plan our vehicles.  Students should take snacks for the journey.


We’ll then have a week of beach games, trips around to Cornwalls various attractions, climbing, swimming/surfing, walking, lazing about in the sun (hopefully), and generally having a lovely time together!  If you or the students have any ideas for things to do we are welcome to suggestions and can of course arrange things such as horse riding or whatever else people might like to do.


Wednesday 7th July – Once everything is packed up and everyone is ready we’ll be on our way back to Sands and hope to be there at about 6PM ish.

Everyone should try to take their things home with them as soon as we get back because each year there are piles of unclaimed belongings.


Thursday 8th July – School as normal


Friday 9th July – Last day of school.  It’s a half day finishing at 1PM.


Whats included


Travel to/from and around Cornwall (though a small contribution may be needed for long trips)


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, maybe some snacks/hot chocolate/hot drinks


Chloe to cook the food (though each student will have a day where they help a bit)


Jocelyn to supervise and be Mr. First Aid


Camping for the week which includes lovely hot showers and all that stuff, a marquee big enough for us all to fit in if it rains, portaloos so you don’t have to walk to the loos at night, and campfire areas with seating!


There is a bits and bobs shop on the campsite, a pizzeria, surf hire, and other shops nearby, plus the beach is a few minutes walk away and is lifeguarded.  We’ll also do a daily trip to Helston for supplies and students can go along too.



What you need to take


Tent – don’t take a big high sided tent that’s just going to blow over and break in the wind.  This happens every year and it’s unnecessary.  A smaller tent is better in the wind, smaller to transport, and warmer at night.  Where possible people should try and share tents.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Pillow (or just fold some clothes to become one – saves space)

Night clothes

Day clothes (both warm and cool as the weather could do anything!  People often get cold at night so something really warm is a good idea)

Waterproofs – essential!

Washing stuff (soap, shampoo, toothbrush etc…)

Beach towel/shower towel

Day bag (for going to beach, walking, shops etc…)


Suitable footwear (wet/dry, the grass will be wet at night/ early morning certainly not high heels!)


Spending Money?

Plate/bowl/mug/knife/fork/spoon (with names on)



Mobile phone? (charging available at the site office)


Medication – talk to Joss about this…


No need for cooking equipment as you won’t need to do any.  Some people may choose to not be part of the main food group and this should be arranged with Huw.


You really only need the bare essentials to survive the week.  Nintendos not needed!


Please try to limit the baggage to;

one bag for clothing etc…

one tent (the smaller the better – we’ll take spares to cover breakages)

one sleeping bag

one day bag with packed lunch for the trip


Permission slips will be sent out by email soon for you to print and return.  If you don’t have a printer then ask for one from the office.

Any questions – speak to Huw