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Sands School News

Our main web-site for school news is our Facebook page. The most recently posted items can be seen below but you can see lots more pictures and stories by clinking on the link to the Facebook page itself


Sands School Blog

School Camp 2010!

This year the school meeting decided that school camp will be in Cornwall.  It's a lovely place to visit, easy to get to, and by far the cheapest of camps we could make worthwhile.  We have a campsite in mind but are looking into other possibilities - it's likely to...

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School closed due to snow

On Wednesday and Thursday this week the school has been closed due to the dangerous driving conditions across Devon.  The school is set to be open on Friday, though perhaps without a full compliment of staff.  If the conditions worsen overnight or in the morning and...

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Film crew at Sands

Today we have a film crew in the school talking to staff and students about how the school works.  Some of the footage will eventually be broadcast along with footage from other types of schools around the UK.  The footage will be un-biased so that viewers can make up...

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Why these innovations? Link To The Working Group Page The IT Working Group have been meeting regularly over the past few months on a Wednesday afternoon to push forward and develop the ICT Facilities and infrastructure at Sands. The group consists of Teachers, Parents...

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