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School trips

We’re currently writing this page, but here is a summary for now.

At Sands we place great value on taking trips out.  If it snows we’ll go up to Dartmoor for a few hours and get exercise running around having a snowball fight, which also lifts everyones mood and sense of family.  If it’s a hot sunny day after the exams in the Summer, we’ll all go to a local beach to swim and play beach games.  While we’re there we can also think about Geology, Geography, and marine ecology.

There are several annual trips which students can join.  The big one is school camp where most of us go to somewhere like the Scilly Isles or Brittany and have a week of camping, cycling, playing games, visiting the local sights, eating the local food, practicing language skills, and generally exploring a different culture and way of life.  Another is the ski/snowboard trip which usually goes to Austria to meet up with another democratic school and spend a week on the slopes with them.

Beyond that there are regular visits to theatres, the cinema, galleries and so on.