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Huw Morgan (BSc ExeHons, PGCE)

29th March 450

Huw Morgan (BSc ExeHons, PGCE)

I grew up in the South Wales valleys, where I was educated in state school and college.  At the time, I had no idea that schools like Sands existed.  After college, I moved to Exeter University where I studied Biological Science.  My degree focused on animals, and my research project was about salt marsh ecology. Although I really enjoyed the course, I knew I didn’t want to make a career in scientific research.  I decided to study PGCE secondary science at Exeter.  During the teaching placements, I didn’t like the way I was forced to intimidate the pupils and not allowed to talk to them as humans.  About half way through I was ready to quit, then I found out about Sands.  When I visited, I was very impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and immediately felt at home.  I knew it was where I was meant to be and after a few visits, I was offered the job. I completed the course so I could accept my dream job.  Now here, I hope to be here for a very long time, I never thought I’d work in a place that made me happy.  I hope everyone here feels as privileged as I do.

The image of me above was taken on one of the ski trips I organise for the school that we try to have every year.

In recent years my interests have moved into amateur radio and I got my license in 2012.  You can see my activity over the air below.  It’s a fascinating hobby that I would like to introduce to the school as a choice subject once I have learned enough about it to teach it.  I am a member of the radio group at the Norman Lockyer Observatory near Sidmouth where we are about to regularly start teaching courses to get an amateur radio license, and I may offer part of the course at Sands to our students.