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Sean Bellamy (BA Cantab, PGCE)

Sean Bellamy (BA Cantab, PGCE)

Co-founder and teacher of History, Geography, Psychology and Cooking.

‘The best learning often feels like play.’

I have been teaching for over 30 years and still wake up each morning excited to get into the classroom. I have the privilege of teaching the Humanities and offer courses to GCSE in Mass Media and Culture, the fate of the Native American over the last 150 years, Geography and Ecology and Psychology. I also teach cooking and train students to cater for the school and for bigger events. This year, we plan to run an outdoor restaurant at Glastonbury and have previously launched a three night Pop Up restaurant and an 8 course summer Italian Banquet for 50.

My classroom is a really important part of my teaching and is filled with exotic plants, games, paintings and films. It is a place to day dream, to think deeply about our world and be inspired to find out more.

In 2016, I was nominated as one of the top 50 teachers in the world by the Varkey Foundation.

The Varkey Foundation wrote this of me and my approach to teaching:

“Sean’s teaching approach is based on the Gravitational Model that he has been developing for ten years. He hopes it could be an antidote to the two dimensional, test orientated and didactic teaching that has overtaken the profession in recent years.

In essence, each class is designed to respect the fact that children want to be excited, moved and connected to what they are learning. The Gravitational Model imagines each class based upon and revolving around an approach or idea that holds the students within its ‘field of interest’. The classes are challenging, full of images, models and movement, debate and questioning. Injustice, intrigue, horror, amazement, sadness, humour all play their part.

It is a style of teaching based on building relationships, confidence and trust, and he designs learning around an emotional connection to the material. His overall goal is get his students to think, not regurgitate, so they can understand themselves and so become creative, empathic and critical.

Sean is now working with the Ashoka Institute, an N.G.O specialising in social entrepreneurship and is mentoring education projects throughout Europe and is acting as an advisor for a new teacher training college in South Korea.”


Sean working with a team of Lithuanian teachers