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Teaching staff

To become a teacher at Sands you must be approved by the school meeting.  This means everyone, students and staff alike, votes for the teacher they think will best meet their educational needs and fit in with the Sands ethos.

There is often huge interest when such a rare job becomes available, so applications are filtered by a group of students and staff before the final five or six are invited to a two day visit, during which they teach some lessons and mingle so that everyone can form an opinion.

The school prefers to employ qualified, experienced teachers, who can bring more to Sands than just their subject.  Of course, any employee of the school is subjected to checks to make sure they are suitable to work with children before they start.  They also undergo a long probationary period, and all teaching staff are appraised annually by their students to make sure they’re still providing great education and adding to the broader Sands experience.  In the same way that students appoint staff, they can also start a process for improvement, or even ask a staff member to leave if something is really not right.