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(Non-pupil days 4th and 5th of September)
Autumn term starts 9.09.2013
Half term  21.10.2013 to 1.11.2013
Term ends 13.12.2013

(Non-pupil day 3rd of January)
Spring term starts 6.01. 2014
Half term 17.2.2014 to 21.2.2014
Term ends 4.04. 2014

(Non-pupil day – to be confirmed)
Summer term starts 28.04.2014
Half term 26.05.2014 to 30.05.2014
Term ends 11.07.2014

Please note that during the last week or two of the Summer term we go on school camp for about 7 days.   During this week the school is closed as all of the staff and most students will be on the camping week.