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With Peach

Whether it’s turning a bowl on the lathe for a christmas present, or helping to build the school’s skate ramp, woodwork is ever popular at Sands.
There is a fully-kitted workshop where students can explore their desires under the careful supervision of the woodwork teacher. As a highly experienced cabinet maker, his skills are second to none. Students enjoy making whatever it is they feel. Simple, yet beautiful bowls are turned on the lathe. Cheap, but extremely effective, fun canoes are cut from a template and stitched together. There is now a small flotilla of them, all made at Sands.
Ignoring the traditional views of how woodwork should be taught, students are never told what to make. Each one is treated as an individual, and so makes unique pieces. Only guidance and the passing on of experience takes place here. Woodwork is about the expression of one’s personality…

Sylvin working on a kissing seat which he developed from a photograph he brought into school.

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