Sean at leavers do 2015


I was one of the team of three teachers and fourteen children who began designing the school way back in 1986. I was twenty four years old and the idea of creating a better sort of school with young people seemed the most exciting thing I could be doing.

Approaching thirty years on I still think that this is the most exciting thing to be doing with one’s life as a teacher. The school is an exceptional place full of happy, creative and talented people and I feel very proud to have co-created it. In the present competitive and test-obsessed educational climate, we seem to be a little island of sanity and common sense.

My typical day may involve teaching psychology, history, geography (all of which I offer to exam level), playing in the snow on the Moor, swimming in the sea or cooking lunch for everyone. You may also find me playing a board game, chatting with children on the stairs or working as a mentor with one of twelve my tutees. Teaching at Sands is a very eclectic experience.